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The Muller Orphanages in Bristol  in the mid19th century

The Meetings Programme 2021-2022

Under the ongoing Covid-19 circumstances, the Society is working on the best way to conduct its programme for 2021-22.  Members being comfortable about attending meetings, and the availablity of the hall predominate consideration of the seasons's calendar. This page will be updated as and when plans for the year develop.

The End of Quilp - Quilp drowning in the Thames

2021 - 2022

Book Club Programme for

Our Mutual Friend

will appear here when finalised


Mr Podsnap was insular, complacent and blinkered by self-satisfaction

The character of Podsnap was used to represent the views of "Society"

Past Programmes

Some programmes from previous years will give a flavour of the Society's scope and energy:


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The Meeting Programme for 2021-22

Each year the Society has a "Book of the Year".  The 2021-22 Book of the Year is

Our Mutual Friend

Last year we conducted our study of 'The Book of the Year' via email. This proved very sucessful, and we shall continue with this until our plans for meetings in the hall are crystalised.