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We are continuing to support THE JULIAN TRUST whose ethos of working for the Homeless in Bristol is so close to Dickens‘ concerns for the poor.


 "I remember how I thought of all the solitary places under the night sky where I had slept, and how I prayed that I never might be houseless any more, and might never forget the houseless."


David Copperfield Chapter 13

Bristol and Clifton Dickens Society

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I make myself known to my Aunt

The Society was founded on the 4th of April 1902 and is one of the oldest Dickensian organisations in the world.  Membership is open to anyone interested in Charles Dickens and his works. The Society is an autonomous branch of the Dickens Fellowship.

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The Book for the Year is

David Copperfield

This annual event, the World’s most central conference of things Dickens, is held at different locations around the world. In 1993 it was held in Bristol, and will be held her again in 2015.

The International Dickens Fellowship Conference

The Aims of the Society

To form a bond of union among lovers of Dickens and to hold meetings of a literary, dramatic and social character.

To support such philanthropic and other social and public purposes as are held to be in keeping with the spirit of Charles Dickens

The funds of the Society shall (after payment of all annual expenses, for which an adequate sum shall be retained) be applied towards such purposes.